Real people need real answers.  But many people never reach out for the legal counsel to answer their questions.  Some are stopped by cost. We make every attempt to listen to what you want limit your expense by tailoring our advice to give you just what you need.  Many others shy away because they are uncomfortable or confused by the terminology: In fact, what most people need is simple and straight forward, and we try to explain it so you feel at ease with your decisions.  Others simply do not trust attorneys. We intend to earn your trust and understand that that may take more than one consultation for these common problems:

* personal injury representation - we are prepared to put our experience to work quickly to evaluate your claim, protect the evidence you will need to prove your case, and move you to a result you deserve

* real estate transactions - your largest asset should be protected with sound legal advice

* wills and basic estate planning - whether your concern is who will take property, or who will care for your children, the basics of estate planning are a responsibility you owe your family

* marital transitions - in our stressful times, couples often seek legal advice whether they feel the need to terminate a marriage or make plans to enter into one

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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