We want to help you be a more successful litigator.  While you are more than capable of handling every aspect of each client’s case, the pressures of practice management make certain stages of the litigation process difficult to execute profitably at the same level of expertise you apply to the balance of the case. These kinds of projects include:

*   appeals, of all matters in all courts, including civil commercial, civil tort, criminal and Family Court

*   trial motions, including relief in limine, special issues during trial, and those after trial, including JNOV

*   special Surrogate’s Court relief, including securing letters and compromise orders

*   securing judgments, including analysis under CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B

Without incurring the long-term expense of another employed professional, you can ease the burdens of your practice at a high level of professionalism on a moment’s notice.   A partial listing of appellate projects demonstrates similar care across a spectrum of subject areas (to read, enter here), and we offer examples of briefs on topics including federal pre-emption (to read, enter here), the meaning of the expression “spouse” in New York’s SCPA (to read, enter here) and medical negligence liability (to read, enter here).  Please call if you have questions on any other cases.

We may also be able to add value to your cases by consulting, even before you file a complaint, as to what claims may lie, what evidence may be strongest at trial and what legal issues may threaten to derail a recovery.  Particularly when you are litigating in an area for the first time, a second opinion may help you chart your course more favorably.


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